Ethereum Is Building A Separate Security Team
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Ethereum Is Building A Separate Security Team for ETH 2.0

As Wallebi reported previously, Ethereum is going to release its new update ETH 2.0. By the new update Ethereum will change the algorithms from POW to POS. Although Ethereum puts so much effort to release the new update as soon as possible, the project is still in the process. Apparently, Ethereum decided to add new experts in to its team in order to get better results. In the latest newsfrom cryptocurrency world , Ethereum is building a separate security team for ETH 2.0.


Ethereum is building a separate security team for cybersecurity and crypto-economic issues

The Ethereum foundation is looking to hire a separate security team in order to analyze and study all aspects of the new generation of the Ethereum network.

The purpose of building the new team is to study and analyze any crypto-economic and cybersecurity issues.

One of the researchers at the foundation, Justin Drake, tweeted about the recruitment process. He announced that Ethereum foundation is looking for various auditing and security professionals in order to hire them for the ETH 2.0 project.

The new team’s task would be “fuzzing, bounty hunting, pager duty”, which are all directly related to software security management.

The developer team is already involved to fuzzing for the upcoming new update. In fact, fuzzing is a bug searching technique. It triggers a non-standard response by feeding the garbage data. The existing bugs on the web are due to inappropriate input disinfection. For this purpose, the special types of inputs may explain as machine code. Fuzzing helps find these critical points. In addition, it helps to update the code in order to prevent potentially future bugs.

Meanwhile, the security team is responsible for doing some theoretical work. The task will be working on formal verification of cryptographic algorithms. In fact, the team is responsible for making sure that a certain algorithm is mathematically secure.

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