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What Is Ethernity?

A new project, a new token, a new investment opportunity.  In this article we are going to introduce Ethernity project in NFT marketplace. Let’s directly go to the point.

Ethernity project; Review

Since NFT world developed, lack of a secure platform for buying and selling digital assets was always a serious problem. Currently, there are limited number of platforms to create the partnership space between aggregators and NFT artists. As a result, Ethernity came to play the role as a solution.

Ethernity is a platform, which works with authenticated NFTs. This means that through partnership with leading and popular artists and figures, it represents their artworks in the form of a NFT with their approval. It also provides the possibility of buying and selling these tokens. Therefore, users can buy authenticated and original collectible NFTs.

As Ethernity has close collaboration with artists and influencers, it hopes not only to prosper the NFT world more than ever, but also support charity activities. For example, when an artist is active on Ethernity platform, he can allocate a portion of his NFT selling profit to the charity. Additionally, Ethernity is looking to create a vital connection between NFT world and DeFi industry. The output of this connection is access to the rare and valid collectible digital artworks.

Ethernity network has a native token called “ERN”, which is built on Ethereum blockchain and provides liquidity to the pools of this crypto. ERN allows participants to sell the authenticated NFTs to other users. Besides, ERN is used in governance. This option allows users to present their proposals and participate in reforms of the platform.

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