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How to buy cryptocurrency on Wallebi?

Follow the steps below to buy cryptocurrency on Wallebi:



Log in to your account.


If your account is verified, by logging on Wallebi, you can see dashboard page which consists of trade wallets and personal ones. Please notice that if you do not pass kyc steps, and your account is not verified by Wallebi Group, you won’t be able to trade.


For buying coin from Wallebi, please select your coin from the first box in dashboard page and click on buy/sell button.


In the inner page of each coin, you can see all info needed for trading the related coin. By clicking on buy tab, you can enter your desired amount in Euro or coin unit. Please consider that your minimum amount to buy coin is 25 Euro.


By recognizing your desired amount, you have to charge your euro wallet equivalent to the amount calculated in the previous step.


For charging your Euro wallet, navigate to wallets menu, and click on Fiat ones.


Select your Euro wallet, and click on top-up button. Please notice that in each charging, you can only top-up 2000 Euro, and for more amount, you have to do this step again.


Enter your amount and click on credit account and do the procedure to charge your euro wallet.


Now go back to your to coin page and by entering your amount, buy your coin instantly.


Your bought coin will be reflected on your corresponded trade wallet. You can transfer it to your personal wallet any-time you wish. (It’s recommended to keep your balance in your trade wallet if you are willing to trade on Wallebi platform periodically).

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