August 9, 2021
How To Prevent Phishing Attacks
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How To Prevent Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are one of the methods, which scammers use in order to steal the people’s fund in cryptocurrency world. It’s important that all users be aware of those methods and know how to avoid them. In this article we are going to talk about how to prevent phishing attacks.



Double-check the emails sources

Usually phishing emails ask the users to click on a link or download a program. In most cases this type of attack is successful. The victims will download a malware or redirect to a page, which ask to provide their personal information such as seed phrases.

In such those cases, you should look closely at the sender’s email address. Usually the attackers change a letter or just make a small change in the email address. In fact, they create a fake address, which is closely similar to the original address. Never reveal your seed phrase, private keys or any other personal information over the email, phone or through any link. Keep in mind that reputable and eligible websites, exchanges and platforms never ask for such that information.

How To Prevent Phishing Attacks; Fake software updates

This type of scam happened for Electrum wallet users. The phishing scam affected the software wallet since 2018. In fact, this phishing attack has happened through a malicious website and a user entered his private data on that website. This attack resulted in nearly $1 million stolen.

The malware installed on victims’ devices as a fake wallet update. Once the new update installed, the fake update transferred all the victims’ funds to an address, which controlled by the scammers.

So, if you do a simple Google search, you can find of a lot of information about this phishing attack. So, before you update your wallet software make sure you are using the eligible and reliable sources. Always check the authenticity of software update.

How To Prevent Phishing Attacks; Be aware of browsers extensions

Fake Google Chrome extensions made many users as victims. In fact, they tricked users in order to reveal their sensitive information, which resulted in access their wallets. In one of those attempts around 1.4 million XRP stolen.

However, the legitimate and famous companies are constantly working on ways to limit such these attacks for users who are using web browsers for the asset management activities.

Share your experiences with the crypto community

If you fall as a victim to one of the phishing attacks, the best action you can take is to share it with crypto community. You can do that by post on your personal social media such as twitter or Facebook, Reddit, personal blog or even send email to one of crypto news publications and explain the trick.

By doing this, when someone searches about a new project or looking for information related to phishing attacks, they can find your post and simply avoid to become a new victim.

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