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How to sell cryptocurrency on Wallebi?

Follow the steps below to sell your cryptocurrency on Wallebi:



Log in to your account.


In the dashboard page, select your desired coin and click on buy/sell button.


Please notice that for selling crypto, it is necessary to have your coins on the corresponded trade wallet.


To transfer your coin from personal wallet to trade one, in inner page of each coin, click on “send to trade wallet” button and enter your desired amount on the pop-up to be transferred. If you have your coin on trade wallet, skip this step.


In the inner page of each coin which are tradable in Wallebi, click on the Sell tab. you can enter your desired amount in Euro or coin unit. Please consider that your minimum amount to sell coin is 25 Euro.


Once you click on the Sell button, the equivalent euro amount of your coin, will be reflected on your Euro wallet in Fiat wallet menu.


For withdraw your Euro, please navigate to your Euro wallet and click on withdraw button.


Enter your desired Euro amount with regarding to selecting your bank account and press withdraw. If your amount is higher than 2000 Euro, please break it and do it several times.


Please note that Withdraw Transfer times vary depending on Currency and your Banking Country.


It is recommended to not cashing out your Euro amount if you want to trade periodically as withdrawing costs fees.

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