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How to send cryptocurrency for others on Wallebi?

Follow the below steps to send crypto to others on Wallebi:



For sending cryptocurrency for others, first select your desired coin from the second box on the dashboard page and click on send/receive button.


By redirecting to inner page of each coin, select send tab.


Please notice that for sending crypto, it is necessary to have your coins on the corresponded personal wallet.


To transfer your coin from trade wallet to personal one, in inner page of each coin, click on “send to personal wallet” button and enter your desired amount on the pop-up to be transferred and enter the code which is sent to your email. If you have your coin on personal wallet, skip this step.


On the send tab, enter receiver address corresponding to the amount to transfer.


Please note that you have to be assure of the correctness of the receiver address and the amount as by transferring, this process is not irreversible and Wallebi cannot do anything regarding to cancelling the transfer.

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