Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farm In Kyrgyzstan
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Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farm In Kyrgyzstan

Bitcoin price experienced significant growth for the last decade. Perhaps nobody could think that one day the Bitcoin price will hit $1000. Today, 1 BTC worth of around $11,600. As a result, a lot of people interested to run mining farms and start to mine Bitcoin. Today, Bitcoin mining is an industry, which gives reasonable profit to its investors. In the latest news, the government authorities could find illegal Bitcoin mining farm in Kyrgyzstan.

As Wallebi reported previously, it’s not the first time that government authorities and executives face with such those issues. Almost most of the governments are facing with this issue. Once in a while, they find an illegal crypto mining farm. In fact, the issue with these farms are the high energy consumption of mining equipment. These farms may damage the electricity supply network and governments concern about it.


Illegal bitcoin mining farm in Kyrgyzstan; authorities found illegal activity in free economic zone

The Kyrgyzstan government authorities and executives found an illegal Bitcoin mining farm in “Bishkek” free economic zone (FEZ). The reports show that the mining farm was operating in a large scale.

The anti-corruption service in Kyrgyz Republic is responsible for fighting against economic crimes. Recently the authorities posted a video on YouTube and show the facility, which involve in illegal Bitcoin mining.

Government officials covered the illicit activity

FEZ (Free Economic Zone) Bishkek is running for more than 20 years to date. The purpose of creating this area is to help companies in order to expand their businesses. This area is located in the capital of Kyrgyz Republic.

During the investigation, local enforcement officials found that all the mining equipment is connected to electricity and the internet. Consequently, they tried to figure out the origin of miners and energy sources. Finally, it revealed that some government organizations and executives from the FEZ involved in running those farms and also covering up the illegal crypto mining facilities.

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