Illegal ETH Mining In Italy Airport
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Illegal ETH Mining In Italy Airport

Many people arrested in related illegal cryptocurrency mining so far. Many attempted to use electricity power illegally. Some others also attempted to use other people’s computer to produce more hash rate for the illegal purposes. In the latest new, a staff tried for illegal ETH mining in Italy airport.


Italian man arrested due to using airport computers for mining Ethereum

One of the staffs in one of Italy airports, took the advantage of his accessibility to the airport computers. He was mining Ethereum by using the computers at the airport.

The local news agency, Rai news, announced an illegal ETH mining attempt in Italy. In fact, the employee installed a malware on the computers in an airport located in Lamexia Terme city. When the employee arrested, he revealed that he set up multiple mining rigs on site. In fact, he was taking advantage of the airport’s backend system. Eventually, the authorities realized the illegal activities via security cam footage.

Illegal ETH Mining In Italy Airport; More details from news agencies

Sacal Global Solutions provide technical services for the airports in the Italian region of Calabria. The arrested employee revealed that he could gain access into Sacal’s system. Then, he could install and run the malware. As a result, this action put the airport’s backend computer system at risk.

The investigators in favor the authorities, analyzed the partitions of the network of the airport. They found in this investigation mining farm connected to the external Internet network. In addition, they found that the system is dedicated to the management of airport services. In fact, it found that the system steals the electricity from airport.

Rai news added, that the investigation conducted with technical activities, which made it possible to determine the IP address associated with the machines installed. In fact, they tried to identify the site of Ethereum pool, which used by the staff to mine the ETH and monitor the site. The investigation coordinated by the Lamezia Terme Public prosecutor’s office.

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