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An Investment Opportunity ; Audius!

As you may know, it is not usually easy to find the right crypto in order to invest in. It requires to find out the coins and tokens, which would become valuable due to their applications in the future. Certainly, it’s very complicated since exploring in crypto market to find potential choices is really time-consuming and frustrating. In this article we are going to introduce one of those opportunities, which worth of considering.



A shortcut to an Investment opportunity

Fortunately, there is a shortcut, which is a solution to this issue. In order to find the right choice to invest in is to find cryptocurrencies, which have low Market Cap, but high growth potential. Perhaps it becomes your question that how can one recognize the potential choice among tons of tokens and projects. The shortcut, which we are going to talk about is to check out investment Funds’ portfolios as well as the coins and tokens, which mega companies have invested in and expect high profits. Then, you should do your own research and invest in as long as you found it as a right choice.

Coinbase Ventures is one of the companies, which is specialized in finding newborn potential cryptos. In fact, this company takes its investment decisions with help of companies such as Union Square. Now, let’s take a look at what Coinbase Ventures has currently bought.

Here we introduce Audius (AUDIO). Its market cap is now (at the time of writing) about $260 million and is very potential to grow in the future. Audius is a music sharing and streaming data protocol, which allows direct transactions between music audiences and its composers. It helps musicians to compose music tracks and freely release them on blockchain to earn money. Besides having the right to decide for the future of protocol, AUDIO holders can also stake tokens and earn profit from the network fees.

It is notable to say that there are some other potential tokens to introduce. Let us know by comments if you are interested to know.

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