Japanese Soccer Player Launches His Own Crypto
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Japanese Soccer Player Launches His Own Crypto

Many organizations and firms involved in cryptocurrency world so far. As Wallebi reported previously, many soccer teams also joined the game and issued their own fan tokens. In fact, the fans can purchase tokens in order to participate in surveys and polls. In addition, they can support their team by purchasing the tokens. But now there is a different story. This time a soccer player decided to join crypto world. In the latest news a Japanese soccer player launches his own crypto.

Keisuke Honda joins crypto world

Keisuke Honda is a Japanese professional soccer player. Currently he is playing for a Brazilian professional league team called Botafgo.  Recently, he is launching his own cryptocurrency in order to increase the engagement by his fans.

The new issued coin called “KSK Honda Coin”. It launched on Thursday on the Rally,io platform. In fact, Rally.io is a blockchain platform to create gaming applications and video streaming. The aim of the project is to make the fans of Keisuke to interact with their favorite player easier than before.

Japanese soccer player launches his own crypto; the aim of the issued token

The above mentioned token has two main advantages. First of all, it makes the KSK Honda holders be able to get exclusive content from Honda. In Addition, they would be able in order to interact with the player via a private channel on Discord.

 Honda explained the new project. He said that the aim of the new social token is to build new connections with the most loyal fans. Additionally, it will allow him to connect with fans in a 100% transparent environment as well as being connect with fans in a more open manner. As a result, he could be able to know that who holds coins in the fan community.

Keisuke Honda is not the only player who creates his own

Keisuke is not alone in the game. As reported previously, one of the top soccer clubs in Russia also issued its own collectible and tradable digital cards. In addition, Lazio, the Italian professional sports club crated its own token to gain more engagements from its fans.

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