August 9, 2021
Major Partners of IOTA
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Major Partners Of IOTA

IOTA as a specific blockchain is one of the most popular projects in the cryptocurrency world. Its main goal is to establish a connection between devices connected to the internet. The project has had numerous partnerships with different institutions. Accordingly, this has led to the design and introduction of several projects. Therefore, in this article, we are going to mention some of major partners of IOTA. We will also discuss the goals of these collaborations.

Major Partners of IOTA

One of these entities is LandRover-Jaguar, which its partnership with IOTA began in April 2019. Throughout this partnership, drivers can earn rewards (crypto) by sending data to the company. These rewards can be utilized to pay for tolls and parking fees, as well as E-charging stations for electric cars. Providing this technology is a part of the Destination Zero vision. It aims to reach zero emissions, reduction of traffic and accidents.

Bosch also was one of the first companies, which cooperated with IOTA. It plans to evolve using IOTA technological potentials. Bosch has been focused  to invest to Domain Development kit. The kit is a programmable sensor device, which connects to the internet of things. It has numerous capabilities.

Volkswagen is also one of the partners of IOTA. The company has started its partnership with IOTA since 2018 in order to improve its technologies like automotive driving. Porsche (a Volkswagen subsidiary) has implemented a partnership plan with IOTA to develop an electric vehicle, but It has not revealed any details yet.

The mentioned companies are only some of the partners of IOTA. Listing more partnerships would definitely take more time. Microsoft, Fujitsu, STMicroelectronics as well as Dell Technologies & Linux Foundation are some other examples in this field.

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