August 10, 2021
Mark Cuban and bitcoin
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Has Mark Cuban changed his mind about bitcoin?

Mark Cuban who is a US billionaire entrepreneur and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks recently has made new comments on the major cryptocurrency of the market, bitcoin. He is famous for being pessimistic about bitcoin. However, now he has made new comments which shows he is changing his controversial opinion towards bitcoin. The question is that ” Has Mark Cuban changed his mind about bitcoin? ”

Mark Cuban changed his mind about bitcoin

According to bitcoin-related reports and news, earlier, Mark Cuban used to continuously assert that he would prefer bananas over BTC since those have more benefits! Wasn’t that a kind of making fun of BTC? Of course, it was. Interestingly, Cuban recently said that companies especially the public ones should learn from Bitcoin.  what does it mean?

Since Cuban is a well-known rich man and successful entrepreneur among people, he is frequently target of questions about his stance on cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin. His NBA team, Dallas Mavericks, was among the first groups, which introduced bitcoin as a payment way in order to buy tickets and commodities. In this case, he revealed that people didn’t show much interest with bitcoin-related transactions.

As bitcoin skyrocketed in the last three months of 2020, it could attract Cuban’s attention again. He has suggested discounts on purchases using bitcoin with Mavs. Some analysts believe that he is still pessimistic about cryptocurrency and it could be his marketing method. While, some others said that Cuban recent tweet on bitcoin shows his optimism.

In his last tweet, Mark Cuban stated that bitcoin has a very different and recognized features, which segregate it from other kinds of investment options especially companies stock. Limited supply is what companies should learn from bitcoin. He believes that if such firms limit their share inflation, they can benefit more in the case of share value.

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