August 10, 2021
MTIC holders
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MATIC Holders Must Be Careful!

As you may know, many people today mostly use digital currencies as a means of storing value. Accordingly, one way to gain profit is to hold this class of assets. Cryptocurrency users do hold Bitcoin, Ethereum and etc. currently, by creation of new tokens in numerous projects they have much more options to hold. As some of these projects are not still reliable, users must check them thoroughly. In this article we are going to provide some points for MATIC holders.

MATIC Holders must be cautioned

MATIC as the native token of Polygon network is striving to become a stable cryptocurrency. The reason for this matter is that London hard fork has put this project in trouble. This is why many are following Polygon and its token. Before going into details, while crypto industry has entered a positive phase, Polygon has also experienced a great event. Mark Cuban NFT platform has been implemented on Polygon network. This has made a great atmosphere around Polygon and its native digital currency but there is something to say.

While everything was going well, one of the Polygon co-founders found some problems in the platform. During an interview with Yahoo, he stated that although the network security is not perfect but there is at least some level of security that participants can use the network. He added, over time and by evolution of the network security issues will be developed. That’s why the team of Wallebi allocated today’s post to Polygon.

Soon, we will provide an analysis about the current status of Polygon network.

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