August 11, 2021
More Crypto Regulations Are On the Way
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More Crypto Regulations Are On the Way

In the recent years, a lot of governments regulated cryptocurrency sector. But, the latest news says that more crypto regulations are on the way. Alex Wearn, the CEO and co-founder of decentralized crypto exchange IDEX, believes that authorities will continue setting more rules and regulations in this sector. However, the crypto sector witnessed many regulations over the past few years, the game is not going to finish soon.

Clearer regulations in the near future

Wearn mentioned that crypto regulation did not change a lot during the past few years. This industry just faced increase in enforcement actions as well as stronger guidance from regulators. He believes that in the near future it will be clearer for entrepreneurs and businesses that what types of activities are allowed in this sector.

The crypto industry has matured in many ways compare to the last few years. This sector experienced excessive speculation, hype and fundraising in 2017. However, the digital asset markets experienced multiyear decline, a lot of different nationals and international authorities stepped in.

More Crypto Regulations Are On the Way; Governments are taking action

In the recent weeks, the governmental actions increased significantly. For example, The United States Department of Justice and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission implemented charges with BitMEX. In fact, BitMEX is one of the major derivatives exchanges. In addition, the regulatory authorities clarified specific guidelines as well.

As we know many countries are competing in order to launch and release their own CBDC. It shows that crypto sector is becoming an important sector for many countries. Top of FormBottom of Form

Sasha Ivanov, the CEO and founder of Waves, explained that crypto regulation is still at the early stage in the development. In fact, the regulations are not mature yet. She added, by the next year the crypto sector will be a focus point for regulators. She believes, that regulations would be good for crypto sector. As a result, Waves would be in front of others and will help to shape the future of regulation.

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