New Year; New Mining Hardware

In the coming new year, new mining hardware will introduce to the world and release in the market to use for crypto...

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New year; New Mining Hardware

Cryptocurrency mining is attracting attention of many users around the world. In fact, it’s one the fastest growing industries in the world. In the coming new year, new mining hardware will introduce to the world and release in the market to use for crypto mining purposes. Here we are going to introduce you the newest version of ASICs, GPUs, and mother boards, which will come to the market in 2021 for crypto miners.


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Actually, the price of cryptocurrencies is rising continuously. As a result, many new users are joining the industry. Meanwhile, previous miners need to replace their old hardware with the new version in order to have more efficient farms. Below is the list of hardware, which miners could expect to have in the next coming year.

New year, new mining hardware; ASICs

Bitmain intends to continue satisfy its users with series 19 ASIC miners in 2021. The Firm announced that they are going to implement new solution in order to increase efficiency.

Canaan Creative is a Chinese manufacturer, which is active in mining hardware industry too. It was in September that Canaan introduced a new model of hardware named AvalonMiner 1246. Actually, the company claimed that this new model performs 30% more efficient than the previous model. In a comparison of new model with previous one, AvalonMiner 1246 could reach 90 Th/s while A11 series can only process 60-68 Th/s.

The new model is available in the market in January. Interestingly, the new model costs cheaper for around $3000. Therefore, it would be a suitable choice for Bitcoin miners.

New year, new mining hardware; GPU cards

Nvidia is working to present the next generation of GPUs named 6000 series. This new generation benefits a new RDNA 3 architecture and will release in late 2021. This new GPU will require less cooling and power to run while is 50% more efficient than previous model.

New motherboards

Although miners prefer GPUs for mining purposes, having a high performance motherboard is a must. The most important feature is that how many GPU slots one can install into.

Currently, the most famous motherboards are MSI H310-F PRO and Asus B250. These two motherboards support 13 and 19 GPU slots respectively. Consequently, miners should not expect any surprise by a new motherboard in 2021.

However, the manufacturers are not going to frustrate miners. Biostar is one of the biggest hardware producers. This firm introduced a new TB360-BTC D+ motherboard, which specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining. This motherboard supports eight PCIe x16 slots. However, Biostar still did not announce the price and sales start day.

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