August 9, 2021
PARSIQ platform
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PARSIQ Platform Simplifies Everything

Although blockchain technology has been notably developed so far, it still has a long way to evolve. Here, PARSIQ platform comes to help blockchain technology get mature. PARSIQ is a project, which was developed by a number of blockchain professional engineers in 2018. This platform can connect off-chain applications to the blockchain network, which it is a step forward in improving blockchain utility. However, it is easy to say in words, since there is not any  bridge between blockchain and real world yet.

PARSIQ Platform; new solution

Using PARSIQ platform, everyone can create a blockchain and expand it to a set of off-chain connections. Anyone can enter this project simply and would not require any computer coding knowledge. Therefore, it has represented itself as a very attractive project. Unlike other traditional ecosystems, PARSIQ intends to remove the necessity for hosting nodes, infrastructures, spending any kind of budget and development sources. In turn, it provides simplicity and convenience for utilization as a connection bridge between blockchain and real world. It is noteworthy that PARSIQ differs from Layer 1 blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in creating a global connection between different networks.

PARSIQ future plan is to create new opportunities in DeFi world using IQ protocol. By the product, which will be developed in June 2021, the link between the platform native Token (PQR) and the protocol will be established. This way, projects under support of PARSIQ will soon begin to use this protocol. The strength of the IQ protocol is that it is the first non-collateral and risk-free lending protocol to create an economic cycle. Therefore, lenders can earn passive income by sending their tokens to the pool.

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