Personal Data Leakage For Leger Users
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Personal Data Leakage For Ledger Users

Recently, a hacker could gain access to Ledger wallets’ data base and revealed personal data and information of users. A cyber-security expert stated that victims were targeted online by a hacker and now the hacker made their personal data and information public. Personal data leakage for Ledger users, is among hottest news in cryptocurrency world.


Hacker has released personal information of thousands of users

The hacker, who cracked Ledger’s marketing data base, made personal information of thousands of users public.

Hudson Rock’s Alon Gal is a network security firm. Recently, this firm twitted that hacker made all data available online in Jun. The data consist of 1,075,382 email addresses from users, who subscribed to Ledger newsletter. In addition, the hacker could gain access to 272,853 hardware wallet orders and revealed data such as phone numbers and physical addresses.

Gal believes that current data leakage holds major risks to people, who affected by it. He added that people, who are holding Ledger hardware wallet stored high amount of cryptocurrency and now they are facing both physical and cyber harassment. In point of fact, the recent harassment is in a larger scale compare to previous ones.

Personal data leakage for Ledger users; Ledger users reported phishing attacks

Many Ledger users claimed that they targeted through phishing attacks. Actually, users received an email, which were convincing and asking them to update their wallet software. Most of these users reported that hackers were trying to trick them in order to reveal their seed phrases.

However, some other users stated that phishing attacks could be potentially just one possible way, which attackers are using. In truth, the users, who are holding large amounts of crypto in their wallet, are worry about the risk of being kidnapped due to breach of their physical addresses.

Ledger responded to the recent data breach

Ledger also responded to the current event. This firm announced on its twitter account that they are working continuously along with law enforcement in order to trace the hackers and stop them. In fact, the firm could take down over 170 phishing websites since the original breach was took place.

Ledger also pointed out that users must not share the 24 words of their recovery phrases with anyone in any case. In addition, they stated that Ledger will never ask for such this information and never contact users using phone calls or text messages.

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