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REEF Project; The Future of Blockchain

By preparation of Polkadot blockchain, emerging new potent DeFi projects is expected. For that reason, Polkadot is going to become a serious rival for Ethereum network and would provide great intact investment opportunities for crypto users. REEF project, which we are going to introduce in this article is one of these opportunities.


REEF project (REEF chain)

REEF Finance is the first crossover DeFi operating system that allows trading with access to liquidity through both centralized and decentralized exchanges by liquidity aggregators and the yield engine. REEF Finance also provides services such as smart lending, borrowing, staking, mining and other services for DeFi applications. Now, this progressive project has launched its trial version which is also compatible with Ethereum blockchain called REEF chain.

Interestingly, REEF chain offers high scalability, low fees and some other features. Once the mainnet starts to operate, developers would be able to transfer DeFi DApps from Ethereum blockchain to REEF chain without making any changes in the codes. REEF chain is expected to launch soon in May, when the final check outs of the Maldives Experimental Network are completed. The exact start time depends on the result of rigorous tests conducted by the development team. It should be also noted that this team is quite confident that the project will set up on time.

As Ethereum suffers from high network fees and Binance Smart Chain already struggles performance issues, this is the best time for REEF chain to enter the game. REEF chain ecosystem is now ready to become the best DeFi supportive platform. Besides high scalability and high levels of liquidity integration, REEF team would help developers to achieve their goals and put their DeFi ideas into action.

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