Ripple Future Is Under Question
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Ripple Future Is Under Question

SEC lawsuit against Ripple is still the most controversial in cryptocurrency world. Subsequently, Ripple holders are truly worried about the future of their investment. Some analysts believe that this issue will be solved by paying penalty by Ripple for 2013 and 2014 XRP sales. In addition, Ripple would be under control and surveillance. However, there are analysts, who are not optimism in related to Ripple future. In this article we are going to talk about both scenarios, which analysts believe may happen to Ripple. In other words, Ripple future is under question


Optimistic point of view

Basically, optimism analysts bring two factors to the table in order to prove their point of view.

The first is that the new U.S president, Joe Biden, set new regulations in related to financial system. In fact, the new regulations bring transparency and clarity into this field. Therefore, it could have a positive impact on Ripple and its popular token XRP.

The second is Dr. Janet Yelle, who recently has been chosen as Treasury Secretary. Actually, she supported cryptocurrencies and it could create an optimistic atmosphere among Ripple community. She stated that cryptocurrencies have advantages and potentials, which could revolutionize financial system. Additionally, she intended to collaborate closely with Federal Reserve Board and other federal banking in order to implement new and more effective regulations.

Ripple Future Is Under Question; Pessimistic point of view

On the other hand, there are analysts who believe that Ripple issue is not solvable. Phil Liu, Co-founder of Arca, which is a New York based cryptocurrency asset management firm, stated that Ripple will no longer exists by the end of 2021. He believes that SEC is right in this case and Ripple would not be able to solve the issue.

He claimed in an interview with Wall Street Journal that XRP token is the only product of Ripple and it doesn’t have any other source of income. Consequently, the firm could not be profitable without having its token.

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