June 29, 2021
Robert kiyosaki commented about Bitcoin
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Robert Kiyosaki Commented About Bitcoin

We are all familiar with Robert Kiyosaki. He is the author of the famous book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Recently Robert kiyosaki commented about Bitcoin. He mentioned that Bitcoin is very similar to gold and silver. Bitcoin can help Americans against “corrupt Fed”.

Robert Kiyosaki believes that Bitcoin plays the same role as gold or silver. In fact, in early days, gold or silver could help people against economic corrupts and today Bitcoin is playing the same role. Additionally, he mentioned that Bitcoin would make people smarter, stronger and richer against Fed.



Robert kiyosaki commented about Bitcoin; people will become smarter and richer

Recently, Robert kiyosaki tweeted his opinion about Bitcoin, gold, and silver. He believes that Bitcoin will do the same thing as gold or silver did to the past generations. In addition, young anti-Fed investors should consider Bitcoin and take it as serious as gold or other precious metals. He mentioned that Bitcoin will make people much smarter and richer.

In fact, the gold and Bitcoin have similarities. Both have limited supply and are mined. In addition, they both considered as commodity by CFTC.

Recently, a survey confirmed kiyosaki’s opinion. The results show that young people are interested in cryptocurrency market and prefer to invest their money in this market. On the other hand, people with age above 65 still prefer gold. In fact, they believe that gold proven itself in time.

Kiyosaki’s changed his opinion

Although previously Kiyosaki commented that it’s better people invest in precious metals rather than Bitcoin, in his recent speeches he changed his opinion. Previously, he believed that Bitcoin cannot survive long enough.

The performance of Bitcoin in COVID-19 pandemic proved that Bitcoin could be as precious as gold or silver. Furthermore, stock market experienced bad days during pandemic and many people turned their face from stocks to cryptocurrencies.

The all above mentioned facts, caused that Kiyosaki changes his mind about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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