Samsung Joined Gemini Exchange
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Samsung Joined Gemini Exchange

Recently, Samsung joined Gemini exchange to increase cryptocurrency adoption. In fact, they are trying to overcome the roadblocks, which cryptocurrency is facing globally.

Samsung announced that its Blockchain wallet will merge with Gemini exchange. So, the newer Samsung Galaxy owners will be able to use their phones as a cold wallet. In addition, they can buy and sell crypto from Gemini exchange.



The both parties hope that the new collaboration will remove some of the roadblocks, which are disappointing the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Recently, the CEO of Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss, commented that crypto is something beyond just as a technology. We are proud of our collaboration with Samsung. We both hope it could make opportunity for more individuals globally to benefit from cryptocurrencies.

Samsung joined Gemini exchange to overcome cryptocurrency world obstacles

Cryptocurrency world experienced many obstacles on the way to mass adoption. Bitcoin could be a good example. It was famous for illicit activities for a while and then became popular with hackers. But, all those obstacles couldn’t stop cryptos to get adopted by masses.

The other issue was that cryptocurrency exchanges were too complicated for many people to use. In order to fix the above issue, Gemini exchange provided a more user-friendly interface for its users. Consequently, Gemini started a new collaboration with Samsung in order to make the process even simpler than before.

Samsung and Gemini are collaborating to increase cryptocurrency mass adoption

There are many other exchanges out there, which are more suitable for active traders. But, among all those exchanges Gemini is trying to make the cryptocurrency world simpler for beginners. In fact, the exchange aimed to give an opportunity to mass in order to get involve in this market.

The new collaboration makes the users be able to store their crypto assets directly on their phone in a cold storage wallet. The two companies providing a way to beginners in order to enter the market.

The managing director of operation at Gemini said we are proud to provide a platform, which users in U.S and Canada would be able to store their crypto assets directly on their phone. We are going to overcome the challenges, which cryptocurrency world was facing with before.

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