August 10, 2021
Scientific Comparison of cryptos
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Scientific Comparison Of Cryptos

Weiss Crypto Ratings is a website, which ranks cryptocurrencies according to various criteria. This process repeats every week and investors can identify the stable cryptos. In this article we are going to survey the scientific comparison of cryptos. According to the website announcement, this classification is done based on numerous details and information related to each coin, which includes, technology, adoption rate, investment risk and market action momentum.

Scientific Comparison Of Cryptos

According to this website ranking, Cardano’s technology is more advanced than Ethereum. Therefore, Polkadot, Phantom, Cosmos and Tezos are placed also on a higher rank in comparison with Ethereum. However, in the adoption rate, Ethereum is the king of cryptos. Bitcoin is also placed on the second rank in terms of total functionality.

Generally, Ethereum grade is -A and it is on the first place (first rank in adoption rate, second rank in market performance). With grad B, Bitcoin is on the second place. Stellar and Cardano both have the grade -B following Bitcoin. Ripple, Litecoin, ZeCash, Dash and Monero could also achieve the grade +C, while Dogecoin technology is considered to be “weak”. It is also mentioned that although Dash and Monero are secure, they do not use advanced technologies.

Based on technology and market performance, Cardano is on a higher rank than Ethereum. This is why we call it “Ethereum killer”. But according to Charles Hoskinson, Eth 2.0 would be the Ethereum killer. He also mentioned some of reasons, which have made Cardano in contrast to Ethereum. One of these reasons is Cardano’s power of adaptation and governance, which has become possible by the use of automatic setting technology, decentralized identity and its combination with metadata. According to Hoskinson, Ethereum will not be able to implement such technologies.

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