July 15, 2021
Short-term Vision of Cardano
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Short-term Vision of Cardano

Currently, Cardano’s team is busy by working on changes that would make the network more centralized. These changes would also add capabilities like smart contracts to the platform. Since Alonzo hardfork is on the way (next month), Frederik Gregaard who is Cardano’s CEO has pointed to the short-term vision of Cardano and its goals during the years 2021 and 2022.

Short-term Visions of Cardano; goals

Registry project is the first short-term goal for Cardano. Registry is a central management mechanism to record the information of Cardano native token. It has been introduced in April and will likely be implemented soon. Another goal is to build and launch a blockchain explorer in order to make blockchain performance transparent.  However, Cardano’s CEO has paid special attention to provide an educational plan. The plan is said to be done in order to develop people’s knowledge and comprehension toward Cardano.

Foremost, Cardano’s main goal is to improve the availability and usage of ADA token. According to Gregaard, by 2024, three companies from Fortune 500 list and 10 companies until 2026 will hold and use ADA. The institution seeks to support 50 banks in order to simplify ADA transactions and its availability by 2022. So, they can create interoperability for ADA and banks can also update their systems.

Other goals mentioned include diversification of on-chain activities, releasing three more whitepapers as well as developing wallet addresses’ surge.

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