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Signing up on Wallebi Guideline

Follow the below steps to sign up on Wallebi:



Click on “Register” menu located at top of the page.


The sign up page will appear and asks you to fill the fields. You need to provide your information in English.


The details you need to provide to sign up on Wallebi consists of your name, family name (these two have to be at least 2 or more characters), your email address, password (should be consists of at least 6 characters or more, combination of an upper case and lower case letter and a special character).


The next field is for referral code. (The users who already signed up on Wallebi have a referral code, which they can share with their friends and invite them to sign up on Wallebi by using the code and earn reward for their invitation). If you do not have a referral code leave this field empty.


Below the referral code field there is captcha that you need to check “I am not a robot” phrase. Please visit Referral page on your panel for conditions and rules.


Then, you need to get agree with Wallebi’s terms and conditions. For this purpose, mark the box.


And finally click on “Register” button.


By clicking on “Register” button, you are asked to check your mailbox and click on the link provided in confirmation email sent by Wallebi admin.


By clicking on the confirmation link, you will redirect to the sign in page.


After successfully signed in to your account, you need to complete your profile.


As you log in, you need to verify your identity. At this step you need to verify your mobile number, personal details, upload your ID and a selfie.


Select your region following by your mobile number and click on “send” button. Wait for the verification code, which will send to your number via SMS. Enter the code in the field provided.


The next step belongs to your personal details such as date of birth. Then, enter your address in the field provided.


The next step is to submit your documents. It consists of your ID details that you need to fill the fields with. You need to upload your scanned ID from front and back sides. (the maximum file size for your scanned ID is 5MB).


At this step, you need to upload a selfie. For this purpose, as you can see in the picture placed in this step, hold your ID and your bank card in one hand and a piece of paper with your signature, date and the name of Wallebi written on it.


The last step, is to add your bank account detail. Please notice that you have to be the owner of the bank account, otherwise the bank account will be refused.


Finally, your account and profile is completed. It needs time to verify your documents by Wallebi. Once it is done you can start using Wallebi services by activating your wallets.


Keep in mind that if you don’t have any activity on the page, the Wallebi website will automatically signed you out. You can sign in back by entering your email address and password again.


Please notice that each user has to have only one account. Recognizing multiple accounts belonging to one user, will terminate all users account. For more info, please visit term of use.

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