South Korea uses blockchain-based employee ID system
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South Korea Uses Blockchain-based Employee ID System

South Korea public entities and government agency are becoming blockchain-friendly. South Korea uses blockchain-based employee ID system.

The Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA), is the first public entity in this country. It planned to use blockchain-based employee ID system. In fact, The system employs through a smartphone app and launches at starting October.


South Korea uses blockchain-based employee ID system; the pilot test already implemented

The local news agency reported that the agency issued a token on the ecosystem as well. The token name is “KISA coin”, which uses to reward the best employees. In fact, This token makes users be able to purchase beverages, snacks or even office supplies using the rewarded tokens. However, The project is currently on the pilot test and it expected to become available for the entire workforce.

This new employee ID system allows KISA’s employees to use Near Field Communication technology (NFC). For this purpose, they just need to simply scan a QR code to have access to their workplace. All the data related to this ecosystem will handle via a blockchain-based platform.

The new developed system is not limited to ID authentication. The employees also can use it to borrow books from the library or having access the coffee shops in the agency.

COVID-19 pandemic made urgency to have a contactless solution in working environment

In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic made the agency to be serious in developing a contactless solution among the work processes. By using this technology, employees would not be worry about health issues in their working environment.

The KISA planned to launch the blockchain-based employee ID system first in its Naju headquarters by October. After that, they will be launched in their offices in Pangyo and Seoul as well by the end of the year.

Recently, the president of the Korea Internet and Security Agency, Kim Seok-hwan, commented. He hopes the new developed system will improve employee convenience and security. Furthermore, it could be a welcome point for blockchain-based systems.

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