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SushiSwap Future Plans

2020 was a busy and productive year for decentralized applications, especially DeFis. In fact, a new protocol and platform had been introduced every day in cryptocurrency market. Among all these projects, SushiSwap could stand at the top of other projects as an Automatic Market Maker (AMM). Put it simply, SushiSwap is a part of a financial ecosystem, which automatically adjust cryptos’ price in decentralized exchanges. Few days ago, SushiSwap developers revealed their future plans, which would expand this platform potentials in 2021. In this article we are going to explain SushiSwap future plans.


First plane; new updates

The first and most important achievement, which SushiSwap is going to achieve in 2021 is to implement two updates, which named “Deriswap” and “Mirin”. By launching these two updates SushiSwap liquidity will increase 10% to 20%. In simple words, it will become a suitable choice not only for decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap, but also for traditional exchanges such as Coinbase. For instance, Coinbase users would be able to become liquidity providers using SushiSwap and make profit in return. This update is even able to increase the profit for two times for liquidity providers by adding other capabilities.

SushiSwap Future Plans; Second plan; connecting blockchains

The second plan of SushiSwap is to become an AMM to connect different blockchains. Actually, SushiSwap is going to connect Cosmos and Polkadot blockchains. This achievement will definitely expand its capabilities and bring more users to this platform.

Third plan; introducing new product

In addition, SushiSwap intended to introduce a new product called “Bentobox”. This product will be used for lending, but in the future will become a platform to create new financial products. It seems 2021 would be a brilliant year for this financial protocol. We hope that this article was useful for you and could gain what you need to know about this project.

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