Swiss Health Insurance Company Accepts Crypto Payment
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Swiss Health Insurance Company Accepts Crypto Payment

Cryptocurrency world is attracting a lot of people to itself. The crypto users are growing non-stop around the world. As a result, many people are interested in using cryptos for their payments. Meanwhile, many companies and firms are adding crypto to their payment options for their customers’ convenience. In fact, crypto users can have instant transactions with minimum transactions fee to send funds globally. In the latest news, a Swiss health insurance company accepts crypto payment.


Swiss health insurance company accepts crypto payment; Bitcoin or Ether is accepted

The Policyholders of one of the major health insurance providers in Switzerland stated that people can pay by crypto to use their sevices. Now, people can make payment either using Bitcoin or Ether through Bitcoin Suisse.

The local news agencies reported in Aug. 31 that Atupri Health Insurance is collaborating with Bitcoin Suisse. In fact, Bitcoin Suisse is one of the crypto financial service providers in Switzerland. This project makes around 200,000 customers to be able to make payments using Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC).

In fact, Atupri do not receive or hold any crypto or other digital assets. They receive only fiat currency once the BTC or ETH exchanged by Bitcoin Suisse. The mentioned insurance company had roughly $887 million in annual sales only in 2019.

The Head of Marketing and Sales at Atupri, Caroline Meli commented, we are digital pioneers in the healthcare industry, we are familiar with social trends and offer insurance solutions with long-term prospect. She added that blockchain technology and respectively cryptocurrencies are playing an important role in financial industry these days.

Switzerland is a Fin Tech-friendly country

Switzerland is one of the pioneer countries in the field of cryptocurrencies. The country also known as Crypto Valley and is one of the most Fin Tech-friendly countries in the world. In Zug, one of the cities in Switzerland, many institutions and firms or even public transportation accept crypto. Recently, the Swiss Municipality of Zermatt also collaborated with Bitcoin Suisse in order to accept Bitcoin for Tax payments.

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