The Best Airdrop In 2021

According to analysts and experts, dYdX would be one of the best and biggest airdrops, which will introduce in 2021. Tyler Swope,...

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The Best Airdrop In 2021

Cryptocurrency world is experiencing brilliant days. Every day we hear in the news that a new project is introduced and many users invested in. One of the popular methods, which many projects choose are airdrops. in this article, we want to talk about the best airdrop in 2021.

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What is an airdrop?

Airdrop refers to a free distribution of a cryptocurrency in order to motivate users. For instance, UniSwap exchange distributed free Uni tokens to its users worth of $400. In 2021 also there would be new airdrops, which everyone can take opportunity. Here we are going to evaluate the options in order to specify the most profitable one.

dYdX as the best airdrop in 2021

According to analysts and experts, dYdX would be one of the best and biggest airdrops, which will introduce in 2021. Tyler Swope, a popular crypto analyst, stated that this decentralized margin trading platform has the potential to become one of the best and most profitable airdrops. In order to have a briefing about dYdX, we need to explain some definitions first. In traditional market, traders and investors utilize common tools such as margin trading, option contracts, derivatives markets. However, in cryptocurrency world just a few exchanges such as Kraken and Binance provided such these tools for their users. dYdX intended to simplify these tools for cryptocurrency users. Consequently, it is expected that dYdX could have a significant growth due to playing important role in this program.

Why dYdX has chosen as the best?

The reason is that by using dYdX tokens, power of the dYdX program will shift from developers to users, which is an important issue in decentralized blockchain. Additionally, Swope referred to a blog post by Ryan Adams, the founder of Bankless. In this blog post, Adams introduced dYdX as one of the best airdrops. In fact, he was the first cryptocurrency influencer, who talked about this new airdrop.

Do you Know any other potential airdrops? Share your thoughts and comments with us.

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