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The Blooming Cryptos Of the Year; Elrond Project

In line with Wallebi, we introduced one of the potential crypto projects called Solana, which could grow significantly this year. Solana blockchain has been able to attract the attention of developers and users due to its high transaction processing power and low fees. Solana’s token has experienced a significant growth in the last three months. However, it would not be the only flourishing project this year. In this article, we are going to introduce the next blooming crypto of the year 2021, called Elrond project.


What is Elrond project?

One of the other potential ecosystems, which attracted crypto community is Elrond. Elrond native token called EGLD is currently being traded around $178. Interestingly, Elrond blockchain has unbelievable scalability features. Since EGLD token supply is limited to 20 million tokens, it has a common feature with Bitcoin. This network is getting ready for a notable growth due to its activities and collaborations with other decentralized platforms. Meanwhile, the launch of Maier Exchange will have a significant impact on this ecosystem. In fact, Maier is the Uniswap of Elrond ecosystem, which makes it even more important, because it can build a decentralized financial world on the network. It would also bring a wave of various tokens to the ecosystem, which investors can gain profit investing in these cryptos in long term.

As some of you mentioned in yesterday’s post comments, NFTs world is also another trending market in crypto industry. It is notable that projects, which have focused their activities on NFTs, have experienced high growth. As a result, investors should monitor tokens of these projects due to their high potential growth. One of these projects is Eternity which we will discuss in detail in tomorrow’s post.

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