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The Blooming Cryptos Of The Year; Solana

In line with Wallebi, Bitcoin and Ethereum are gradually getting out of the spotlight and new-born projects are competing to become the first role player. As a result, one should consider these projects in order to have a more diverse portfolio. In this post and the future ones we are going to introduce few projects, which are potential to grow significantly. let’s take a look at the first blooming crypto of the year.

Solana Is Going To Make The Future

One of these potential projects is Solana. Due to the capability of processing 50000 transactions per second besides low fees, Solana blockchain has been able to attract the attention of developers and users. Since Solana has performed well so far as a platform and an asset, investors should pay attention to the coins on its blockchain including Chainlink (LINK) and Graph (GRT). There are also new tokens with low Market Cap such as Raydium (RAY) on this platform, which seems to have a high potential for growth.

Recently, a new coin called Crony (CRWNY) has started working on this ecosystem, which rewards its users for joining this platform. Interestingly, with a %250 increase only in first five days, Crony has surprised everyone.

Consequently, it seems that this year is the year of Solana especially as its token has experienced a significant growth in the last three months. But, this would not be the only flourishing project this year. We are going to cover some of the other potential projects in tomorrow’s post.

Except Solana, which projects do you think will grow well this year?

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