August 10, 2021
The Graph partnership with Orbs
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The Graph Partnership With Orbs

The future of decentralized world depends on the transparency and that is what The Graph project offers. In fact, The Graph is a data service provider that uses APIs to raise queries and index data and organizes data in a blockchain ecosystem. In this article , we are going to take a look at The Graph partnership with Orbs project.

The Graph partnership with Orbs

The Graph protocol has established different and numerous partnerships in DeFi world and other financial dApps. Most of these partnerships are in the field of entertainment, marketplaces, trading applications and so on. One of the most important collaborations has been partnership with Orbs. It should be mentioned that Orbs is an open-source project, which is built to improve Ethereum scalability. It means that users can directly implement their activities and transactions at very low fees, and then transfer their assets to Ethereum network when needed.

Orbs was developed in 2017 to transfer real-world tools to Ethereum Blockchain. Thus, it allows developers to separate their apps under complete security and to take the fully advantage of both layers 1 and 2. These benefits include security, interoperability, reasonable cost structure for transactions and finally high liquidity. In essence, Orbs provides a unique solution to improve scalability in Ethereum, which helps dApps serve numerous users.

Orbs users can now utilize The Graph protocol to access old and new data for data manipulation or handling, send queries and extract Orbs data throughout Ethereum network indexing protocol. Even users who do not have much experience in using blockchain can utilize The Graph to create a subgraph. These subgraphs provide information without the use of archival nodes from a massive global information pool among blockchain networks, which is very cost-effective.

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