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The Next Treasure: Rally Project

In line with Wallebi,  we are going to introduce another treasure. For those who have recently joined Wallebi family, last week we started to introduce altcoins with low Market Cap and high growth potential. The reason to consider these cryptos as potential opportunities are that they are in giant companies’ portfolio. In this post we take a look at Coinbase Venture portfolio to introduce Rally project.

Rally project and RLY token

RLY token is one of those potential investment opportunities and belongs to a very attractive project called “Rally”. This project is based on Ethereum blockchain and allows users to have their own independent and alive digital economy. Simply put, through the rally network anyone as artists, influencers, actors or even brands can create their own unique tokens without entering into technical complexities. Therefore, they can freely interact with their fans and generate their desired financial and economic turnover. Let’s make it clear with an example.

Assume that a musician develops his token through Rally network and sends his artworks to his audience in exchange for the developed token. He also can provide his supporters with rewards in the form of his specific tokens. Not only Rally provides revenue opportunities for token developers, but also clear the road for them to attract and interact more audiences.

The monetary value of the generated tokens depends on the number of RLY tokens, which are bought by a token developer and embedded in those coins. Consequently, the more expensive RLY price is, the higher the value of generated tokens would be. Such a mechanism would motivate developers, who use Rally network to support it in order to raise the value of their tokens.

If you are still eager to know more potential cryptos, let us know in the comments.

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