August 10, 2021
The Second Airdrop Of Flare
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The Second Airdrop Of Flare Is On The Way

According to recent reports, the second airdrop of Flare is on the way. As the network is getting close to its implementation phase, those who had invested in this great airdrop in December 2020 would be pleased by good news. In this article, we are going to talk about the current status of Flare network and the next airdrop.

The Second Airdrop Of Flare

Although FLR has not started working officially, it is going to be listed in more than 50 different exchanges, new reports and Ripple fans’ speculations says. It shows how extensive the Flare project is. FLR will be distributed among ripple holders, who had participated in this airdrop before. Well-known exchanges like Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Bitfinex and Kraken are some of these crypto exchanges, which will list FLR. Accordingly, by the support of these well-known exchanges, investors will have a great opportunity and that will lead to a vast blockchain.

FLR token

Although the main airdrop of Flare has been implemented, still there is an opportunity to take part in its second important airdrop. In this airdrop, DFLR tokens, which belong to Flare Finance (the first DeFi ecosystem on Flare network) will be distributed. For this event, Flare Finance plans to recall and hold the users’ deposits 30 days after the airdrop launches. Then, it will pay a DFLR token in exchange for every 12 FLRs. Based on the latest estimations, those who were not successful to get FLR in the last airdrop would be able to participate in the second event and buy it throughout mentioned exchanges now.

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