June 29, 2021
Three magical altcoins (Part 1)
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Three Magical Altcoins (Part 1)

In line with Wallebi, the entry of Coinbase exchange into Nasdaq traditional market would attract a lot of attention to cryptocurrency industry and consequently, this could lead to the growth of six cryptocurrencies more than others. In this article, we are going to introduce three magical altcoins out of six. Follow our next article in order to become familiar with rest of them.

Altcoins with growth potential in near future

The first potential altcoin is ChainLink. In fact, ChainLink is an Oracle network which can send the real-world information (Football match scores) to blockchain-based applications (like match prediction apps). This process is really necessary for DApps. Thus, such powerful and important network aimed to develop its activities. Recently, ChainLink Foundation announced that works on a framework to implement the process of sending price information from real world to Substrate blockchain. It means that projects, which built on parachains can simply be integrated with ChainLink Oracle.

Cardano is the next option. Cardano is working to provide a platform for developers to run their applications on the network using a wide range of programming languages. By doing so, Cardano is getting ready to compete with Ethereum. Actually, Ethereum let the users just to use its solid language.

The third magical altcoin here is Universal Market Access (UMA). It allows users to create their own Synthetic tokens that are exactly priced as real-world assets. This means that UMA will make it possible to buy and sell physical world assets on blockchain.

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