August 12, 2021
Three magical altcoins (Part 2)
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Three Magical Altcoins (Part 2)

In our last article, we discussed “Three magical altcoins”, which have the potential to grow significantly in the future. Now in this article, we are going to introduce the three remaining altcoins you should consider.


Potential Altcoins, Tokens you must consider

The fourth important altcoin is MANA, which belongs to the native token of Decentraland platform. In fact, Decentraland is a virtual reality platform running on Ethereum blockchain. Through this platform, users can buy pieces of a virtual land on blockchain and create any content on it and earn money. This content could be texts, images, games, and even decentralized applications. Whoever owns the related NFT token will have the ownership of this virtual land. This land ownership token is generally called LAND. In order to buy these kinds of tokens, users should make use of MANA. Interestingly, the project manager of MANA believes that token’s investors here are like landowners in the 18th century. This means that MANA can bring huge profits to its investors.

The two last remaining magical cryptos are tokens from DeFi world. The first is YearnFinance. The main reason for this choice is that YearnFinance’s TVL has reached its highest level but its token price is still far from the last peak. Additionally, YearnFinance planned to continue working with other DeFi projects in order to develop several products.

The last magical altcoin is Uniswap. As mentioned before, UniSwap is being upgraded to V3 which will robust its foundations in DeFi world. The most important part of such upgrade is the %40000 growth in capital efficiency. Besides that, as well as more advanced Oracles, UniSwap fees will become more varied and flexible.

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