August 9, 2021
Trading or Investment?
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Trading or Investment?

The question may arise to some crypto users’ minds is that which one is better? Trading or investment? In trading and investment history, successful individuals like George Soros and Warren Buffet are those who could gain notable amount of wealth using their extensive experience in these fields. In order to pick one choice, let’s take a look at their professional lives.

Trading or Investment? Comparison

George Soros name is next to “black Wednesday” in 1992. After this event, He was known as the one who broke the England Central Bank. That day Soros went on shorting position for billions of pounds and made the Britain monetary system volatile. While he earned billions of dollars through short-term trading in only one night, Britain central bank made him to pay heavy economic reparation.

Unlike Soros, Warren Buffet is interested in long-term investment and holding. He could earn $100 billion using this method. He is also the owner of Berkshire Hathaway worth more than $400 billion. Buffet is professional at fundamental analysis. He has the experience of trading hundreds of companies’ stocks for years and even decades. According to his analysis, the price of most of stocks purchased has been lower than their real value and gradually this value has appeared.

Using this comparison we can see that Soros could gain profit through trading and market volatility. On the other hand, Buffet has also gained profit by long-term investment. He has invested on assets with low initial values. Here, we have two different approaches toward market. But both can be profitable in different markets such as cryptocurrency or stocks.

Now which one is better? Trading or investment? Choosing investment or trading is something that highly depends on people’s character, goals, risk taking and his financial approach.

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