August 10, 2021
Tron performance in 2020
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Tron Performance in 2020

We have just finished 2020; a different year that brought new opportunities and challenges which were mostly the consequents of COVID-19. In this article, We want to analyze Tron Performance in 2020.

Tron Performance in 2020 ; Impressive aquisitions

Despite several different problems due to the pandemic crisis, crypto projects could get improved properly. What we are going to discuss in this article is TRON as a really prosperous crypto project in 2020. The TRON ecosystem could pass a year with great achievements. In fact, TRON launched two ecosystems on top of its blockchain network. TRON is famous not only because of its transactions speed, but also it has had a very rapid rate of improvement. Let’s take a look at TRON’s achievements.

The first notable achievement of TRON is Steemit platform, a well-known decentralized blogging service , which can help thousands of active users of Steemit take advantages of TRON. The second considerable achievement of TRON was Dlive Platform, a platform for content creators. TRON aimed to merge DLive with BitTorrent which is one of the earliest products in order to provide an ecosystem called BitTorrent X. BitTorrent X can help users earn rewards in the form of BitTorrent tokens by content creation.


In addition, TRON partnered with some large companies such as Samsung and Huawei.Consequently, TRON could add its products to Samsung Play Store and Huawei’s AppGallery Store.

However, the most noticeable move of TRON in 2020 was its entrance to the DeFi world. TRON started its journey with developing an automatic exchange protocol named JustSwal in August. Later, going forward in DeFi ecosystems continued with the launch of projects like Wrapped Bitcoin on TRON, JustLink platform and JustLend. Following being active in DeFi ecosystems, the TRX token outperformed impressively during 2020 and gained 120%.

Interestingly, it seems that TRON doesn’t want to slow down the rate of its development and recently announced 2021 vision.

Accordingly, TRON is looking to focus on development of its DeFi infrastructure beside expansion of its peer-to-peer file sharing protocol called BTFS.

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