U.S. Has The Most Blockchain Patents
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U.S. Has The Most Blockchain Patents

Many companies in various industries are adapting blockchain technology. Some of them implement this technology to their ecosystem. On the other hand, some companies working in order to develop the blockchain and register a new patent under their own name. Statistics show that U.S. has the most blockchain patents. Interestingly, the company, which registered the most patents is not American.


U.S. has the most blockchain patents; Alibaba is number one

Alibaba, the famous Chinese firm, registered the most patents so far this year. The United States is still the number one country, which has the most registered blockchain patents. The information above released by KISSPatent, the intellectual property consultancy on Sept 17.

IBM is the second company after Alibaba that holds the most blockchain patents. In fact, Alibaba registered over 200 patents while IBM filled a little more than 100. In addition, some other firms such as Mastercard and Bank of America also registered several patent applications. The statistics from KISSPatent show, most of the blockchain patents are on the first half of 2020 compare to the last year.

The list of countries with the most registered patents

The U.S stands at the top by 2112 patents, followed by Cayman Island with 350. The next country is Canada, which has 118 registered patents. The rest of top six countries include Japan with 108, South Korea with 57 and China with 7 patents.

However, Chinese companies are often as the top 10 blockchain patent lists, not all of them work particularly on blockchain. In fact, most of them just have the blockchain applications as part of their technology portfolio. KISSPatent says that many Chinese firms and companies registered so many patents in order to avoid some trading sanctions overseas. The KISSPatent explained the reason that most of the companies leaned from Xiaomi. Xiaomi is a smart phone manufacturer known as “Chinese Apple”. They are blocked from selling their products out of China because the Swedish Ericsson held so many patents.

U.S. has the most blockchain patents; fintech is the most popular category

The most popular category, which representing half of the patents in fintech. It consists of applications, which using cryptocurrency and those supporting exchange and store of cryptocurrencies.

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