August 10, 2021
BlueChip tokens
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Uniswap & Maker; BlueChip Tokens      

In previous articles, we talked about what the BlueChip tokens are and introduced Aave as a valuable crypto. As mentioned before, BlueChip tokens are those with great reputation, which could bring high investment returns in long-term. In this article, we are going to talk about Uniswap & Maker as bluechip tokens.

Uniswap & Maker; BlueChip Tokens: two competitors

Uniswap is the second BlueChip token, which we are going to discuss. Currently, Uniswap has become the best decentralized exchange in crypto world. It handles more than %64.7 of the market. Also, its price performance has been more than %195.44 this year. There was a token airdrop in September 2020. Users, who were active on Uniswap before the airdrop, gained 400 UNI as a reward for supporting Uniswap.

Additionally, the trade of Ethereum-based tokens is now possible on Uniswap market. Thus, users can stake their assets to gain profit. Besides that, liquidity providers can gain %0.3 of transaction fees in second version of Uniswap. The more the transaction volume is, the more the amount of interest would be. In the third version, the percentage of fees has been changed by providers according to transactions volume.

Now we know that Uniswap token is a BlueChip. The next BlueChip token in this list is Maker (MKR). Maker price performance was more than %200.93 this year. The specific feature of Maker is introduction of the most successful decentralized stablecoins in the market, which are extremely collateral protected (more than %150). There is also the possibility of collateral leverage through providing Ethereum and borrowing DAI. However, if the value of collateral asset is lower, it would be sold and a portion would be deducted as a penalty.

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