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VeChain Provides Food Safety Solution

Blockchain technology attracted a lot of industries so far. Nowadays, almost everyone in industry accepted that blockchain has numerous benefits. From manufacturers to retailers, they all can benefit from blockchain in their process. In fact, blockchain provides an immune and transparent platform in order to share and store data. One of the industries which can get benefit from blockchain technology is food industry. By applying this technology in food industry, both manufacturer and consumer can make sure about the quality of the food. The manufacturer has a transparent and immune system to trace its products. On other hand, consumers can be sure that they are consuming the original and healthy food. In the latest news, VeChain provides food safety solution.


VeChain provides food safety solution; the latest Blockchain application makes food safer

Recently, the VeChain foundation developed a new application, ToolChain. ToolChain is a service platform based on VeChian platform. The aim is to provide food safety solution. But how?

ToolChain offers a suitable whitelabel service. In other words, it allows the food sector to execute on-chain safety management services. The services consist of traceability templates, cross border and full-process traceability and so on.

The VeChain team hopes that the new application will get used by most of the industries. In fact, they believe it can benefit the sub-sectors and products such as fresh food, alcohol, dairy and imported food.

In addition, companies can also have access to third party services such as Deloitte, PwC, DNV GL. These third parties reduce the cost of auditing, insurance, certification and supply chain financial services.

VeChain is not alone

VeChain developers believe that this project will help the mass adoption of blockchain technology in the food industry. They think, ToolChain can quickly solve the real issues in the business.

As Wallebi reported previously, the team behind Cardano and IOHk also collaborating with BeefChain. They also trying to implement a blockchain based platform for food traceability and security. They all hope the project will get massive success and revolutionize the industry.

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