August 11, 2021
Walmart Adds Crypto Cashback To Its Platform
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Walmart Adds Crypto Cashback To Its Platform

Since Bitcoin announced to the public in 2008, not many people believed in it as a form of currency. But, the game has changed during the past few years. After Bitcoin success in mass adoption, many altcoins created and followed Bitcoin path. Some of them could show a good performance and attract a lot of investors to itself. As a result, cryptocurrency world is experiencing its best time in terms of mass adoption. Not only many institutional investors entered the market, but also many new users started to choose crypto trading as an extra source of income. In line with Wallebi, the increase in crypto mass adoption, a lot of businesses started to use cryptocurrencies for different purposes. In the latest news, the giant retail shop, Walmart adds crypto cashback to its platform.



Walmart adds crypto cashback to its StormX platform

StormX is the shopping loyalty platform of Walmart. Now, Walmart is rewarding its customers for their loyalty.

The loyal customers of Walmart will now get a cashback in cryptocurrencies using the shopping loyalty platform, StormX.

Walmart is a giant retailer in the United States and Canada. Recently, announced that they would give 4% cashback in crypto to the customers for the purchases made at their shops. In fact, the customers who are joined StormX platform can get the reward.

In addition, the users, who can achieve “Diamond” rank would be able to earn up to 14%.

over $2 million distributed so far

Simon Yu, the StormX CEO, believes that the new program will attract more users and bring more customers to Walmart shops.

The StormX platform has more than 650 partners. They consist of eBay, Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, Target, Samsung, and Dell. The StormX revealed that they distributed more than $2 million to their customers so far.

Furthermore, Walmart joined the Hyperledger blockchain initiative at the beginning of March.

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