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What Is Wallebi?

Wallebi is the fully licensed all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet for storing, trading, and monitoring your digital assets all from the convenience of one superb wallet. Wallebi supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Tether, fiat currencies, and many ERC20 Tokens.
It has been designed with your financial autonomy in mind. Rather than hold your private keys, as many centralized exchanges and wallets do, Wallebi gives you total control over your private keys. The advantages of this design are numerous but, primarily, it means that no one but you will ever have access to your Wallebi wallet.


Hundreds of Supported Cryptocurrencies & Tokens on Wallebi

Wallebi supports the highest-tier, most transacted cryptocurrencies to make sure that you are covered when you need to securely store, transact, trade, and monitor your digital assets. With Wallebi, you’re able to safely store a vast array of digital assets along with fiat currencies, allowing you the fluidity to move between them.

EU Licensed Multicurrency Wallet & Portfolio, buy, sell and store of its kind

The security of your digital assets is first in line amongst the range of user-oriented features we’ve built into Wallebi. With that in mind, the Wallebi team sought out and received EU crypto service license for the Wallebi wallet. This means your funds are not only secure, but also that Wallebi strictly regulated and safe up to European Union Register of Economic Activities standards. Enjoy the peace of mind that a fully licensed and regulated cryptocurrency wallet can bring.

View Your Portfolio, Invest in ICOs

With Wallebi, monitoring the real-time progress of your cryptocurrency asset done via a simple, intuitive interface. It contains charts, trade logs, and daily price action. You can also use your portfolio to invest in ICOʼs – with the added benefit of being able to manage your ICO investments from within your portfolio.

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