Will IOTA explode?
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IOTA Is Going To Explode

Recent news from crypto world states IOTA will experience an explosion soon due to its foundation recent  activities. IOTA is going to undergo its greatest upgrade and the question here is that will IOTA price explode? Let’s take a deeper look at details.

Will IOTA explode?

IOTA will attract attentions and increase its market adoption significantly due to migrating to Chrystalis network, which officially starts on April 21.

Additionally, IOTA Foundation is joining to a smart city project in Asia and Europe through a contract with a Korean company named OBSR Foundation.

IOTA’s migration to the Chrysalis network will significantly enhance its security, simplicity and real-world usability. Alongside with that, the strategic contract with Korean OBSR Foundation and Tanglehub is considered a great move. Let’s discuss the benefits.

IOTA and smart cities

This important event makes the dream of a smart city comes true, which was previously beyond belief. IOTA’s role in this project is to provide a fundamental infrastructure for production solutions, which help to develop smart cities. Now, Tanglehub is experimenting the integration of IOTA in environmental stations to ensure information security directly in the main source. This means that IOTA will soon have a key role in developing infrastructures of smart cities in the future.

Now, let’s take a brief look at IOTA. IOTA is a cryptocurrency which does not have a blockchain although it may seem a little strange. In fact, IOTA operates on a DAG-based framework, which is a protocol for transferring information and money without paying fees.

Although IOTA is now on an uptrend and expected to grow more and more in the future, it is better to have your own analysis before investing in IOTA.

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