Women’s Attraction To Cryptocurrency Is Increasing
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Women’s Attraction To Cryptocurrency Is Increasing In 2020

The latest statistics show that women’s attraction to cryptocurrency is increasing in 2020. The data from exchanges show 160% increase in female users.

Although the cryptocurrency and blockchain was male-dominated sector so far, the game is changing in 2020. The data from CoinMarketCap show that the number of women in the cryptocurrency market increased by 43.24% only in the first quarter of 2020.


Women are attracted more to Bitcoin

The statistics from Glassnode show that 43% of total investors in Bitcoin are women. This number was 13% for the last year and it’s continuously growing.

Among all other market as an investment option, women prefer digital assets as much safer choice. In fact, women are more optimistic about Bitcoin price than men. The result of the survey from Grayscale shows that 49.8% of women believe that Bitcoin price will grow in the future.

Women’s attraction to cryptocurrency is increasing; men are not alone in trading

The number of active female users increased in most exchanges. For instance, Bithumb Global reported that they had 30% growth in the number of their female users in 2020. The Bithumb Vice president mentioned that most women just look at Bitcoin as an alternative choice. Most of them opened an account on the platform but don’t have any activity. In fact, they are just exploring the market.

The statistics from top crypto exchanges such as EXMO show that most registered women on the platform has the age between 18-24 and 35-44. In addition, most of the registered accounts are the family members of other traders. It shows that women are trying to develop new skills in the financial sector.

Furthermore, the CoinCorner exchange revealed that they had 47% growth in the number of women who signed up on their platform since the first quarter of 2020.

Among all exchanges Bitfinex is holding the record. They had 162% growth rate of new female users.

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