August 9, 2021
YouTube Cut Short A Crypto Livestream
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YouTube Cut Short A Crypto Livestream

In line with Wallebi, YouTube is not a crypto-friendly platform. Many content producers, who are active in cryptocurrency sector, reported that YouTube deleted their videos. In some cases, the platform go one step forward and totally suspended the related channel. In all those cases YouTube didn’t provide any clear explanation in order to identify the reason why they delete or suspend the videos and channels related to crypto. However, they  mentioned that videos violating their rules and regulations. Recently, YouTube cut short a crypto Livestream. This time also they didn’t provide any clear reason for their action.


YouTube cut short a crypto livestream; the platform didn’t provide clear explanation

Sunny Decree is a famous crypto YouTuber. Recently his livestream about cryptos cut short by YouTube. However, the platform didn’t provide any clear explanation. They just stated that it violated youtube ‘harmful and dangerous policy’.

Sunny Decree announced in one of his tweets on Sept. 05 that his YouTube livestream in English language cut short by this platform. The YouTube warned him that his account will suspend for one week if he repeats the offence. It means he would not be able to have any livestream, uploads and posting on his channel.

It’s not the first time his channel gets warning

Decree had the same experience in December 2019 as well. At that time YouTube started to aggressively delete videos, which had crypto-related content. YouTube deleted the videos of many channels including Decrees channel, which has over 123,000 subscribers. After a while, YouTube announced that it was just a simple error and later on restored many of the videos.

In fact, YouTube is strict about crypto-related videos due to many crypto giveaway scams which promoted by YouTube videos.

It was in Jun. 2020. that the platform shut down one of the official channels of cryptocurrency news. The channel belonged to website which had over 40,000 subscribers. However, YouTube restored all the subscribers and contents within two days.

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